Joslin’s 2008 Canadian Open Grappling Championship

Hundreds upon hundreds of not only spectators but competitors gathered in Hamilton, Ontario for the annual Joslin’s open tournament.  This is one of the biggest BJJ tournaments held in the greater Toronto area.

Their were close to 1000 competitors.  Some people were saying that there were about 45 people in their division alone which means that the divisions were large.  There were 70 divisions and around 70 1st place belts.  Anyone who placed 2nd, 3rd or 4th were awarded a medal.

The Joslin’s open tournament featured eight rings, five of them being in the main gym and two of them in the smaller gym with one left in the school’s auditorium.

Hundreds of spectators gathered to watch the day’s event’s, it was a sea of people sporting their favorite MMA gear and gym names.  The event took place at Sherwood high school in Hamilton at 25 High Street on the Hamilton Mountain.

This year, they had competitors weigh in before their division started.

There were only two people carried out by EMS and taken to hospital, one for a back injury, and the other was for what looked to be her shoulder. The rest were just minor bumps and bruises nothing that doesn’t come with the territory of the sport.

 Check out MMA CANADA for Pictures of the event.

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  1. thank uz…..i’m new to this…mma…stuff, but find it quite interesting.

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